Our Mission

Empowering vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations.


Lutheran Life Communities will maintain a balanced, sustainable growth strategy across the United States, and may share its expertise with other organizations.

Philanthropy is actively encouraged as a growing source of funding and as a vital way for friends, families and communities to connect to our mission. Lutheran Life Communities, like a Good Samaritan, seeks to address the needs of individuals requiring charitable care. Lutheran Life Communities practices wise stewardship, making use of the gifts we receive and encouraging volunteerism by all generations to meet the needs of the people we serve.

Lutheran Life Communities will advance its mission by creating a strong presence in each community where it offers services by engaging individuals, congregations and other supporters. An ever increasing number of people of influence and resources are actively engaged in supporting the ministry and philanthropy of Lutheran Life Communities in all communities it serves. The ministry of Lutheran Life Communities is understood, both internally throughout the organization and externally in the communities it serves. Lutheran Life Communities is a socially responsible corporate citizen participating in the economic and social vitality of the local area and accepting leadership roles.

Each community and service program is accountable to Lutheran Life Ministries, the parent organization of Lutheran Life Communities, and each is financially viable in supporting its own operational costs.



The compassion of Christ is taught and exemplified throughout Lutheran Life Communities.

The quality of our communities and services honors Jesus Christ and the dignity of all we serve.

Learning and Innovation
Organizational learning and staff growth result in innovation and improvement in all that we do.

The wise investment of resources honors God and benefits all whom we serve.