Secure online giving to the Lutheran Life Communities Foundation

A Culture of Care and Giving to Improve the Lives of Those We Serve
We strive to ensure that residents of Wittenberg Village will always be able to receive any and all health care services they require. Your support has a significant impact on our ability to continue providing the highest-quality care for those who may be most in need. For example, one in five Lutheran Life Communities residents benefits from benevolent care. Our ability to provide is dependent upon charitable gifts and our appreciation of these gifts is immeasurable.

Benevolent Care
Since 1892, no residents of any Lutheran Life Community have been asked to leave because their financial resources have been exhausted. This tradition continues because generous donors have made this ministry of life-long care a priority.

Memory Support
With our innovative new MyTapestry program, Wittenberg Village is on the leading edge of support for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related cognitive impairments. Your gifts ensure that we are able to continue to provide our residents with the best possible care.

Spiritual Life
Wittenberg Village residents and their families have access to a vibrant spiritual life, including pastoral care and regular worship services. Wittenberg Village accepts residents regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliations. Our ministers ensure that appropriate spiritual support is available to all residents.

Associate C.A.R.E. Fund
Established as a way to recognize the wonderful people who care for residents, the Associate C.A.R.E. Fund (Compassion, Assistance, Retention and Education) raises money to support the associates of Wittenberg Village . Donations to this fund go to underwrite the costs of providing scholarships and confidential support to associates so they can continue the work which brings meaning and purpose to their lives.